FORMAT: 1 x 90 min Live Action Feature Film

STATUS: In Development & Seeking Partnerships

WRITTEN BY: Michael Lane & Stephen Sloan



A group of friends get more than they bargained for when they acquire the CONDEMNED HOUSEof a vanished hoarder.  

Their dream of refurbishing the place quickly becomes a NIGHTMARE, as the dilapidated house retaliates with deadly booby traps and towering walls of junk which take on a life of their own; isolating , trapping and tormenting their victims.

 Even if these unfortunate homeowners manage to endure the gauntlet of horrible discoveries, fetid  rooms and heart-stopping shocks they’ll still need to  survive the MYSTERIOUS LURKING "THING" that shambles, just beyond sight,  in the dark spaces between the hoarded piles.

KEEPERS combines the creeping intensity of“THE DESCENT”, the jovial ensemble camaraderie of “THE THING” and the haunting existential dread of LOVECRAFT.