Unbelievable Dick Stories

FORMAT: 20 x 11 minute Web Series

STATUS: In Development & Seeking Partnerships

CREATED BY: Stephen Sloan


Tucker Manswell is the UNBELIEVABLE DICK. A self styled NOIRE detective who sits in a motel room, drinking scotch and telling the tales of his cases to whoever will listen.

The only cases Tucker ever gets are brought in by clients DESPERATE enough to brave this area of town to seek out an UNLICENSED P.I. That usually makes them crazier than Tucker. And that's saying something.

But hell. Who needs a P.I licence when you've read every Sax RohmerDashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler Novel There is. That's all Tucker needs. That, and his REVOLVER. Which also happens to be unlicensed.

Tucker Manswell

Tucker Manswell thinks he’s a 1940’s noir detective. Never mind that’s it’s 2017, and he’s barely able to remember where he left the whisky.

In fact Tucker is a 45 year old divorced veterinarian in the middle of an EPIC mid-life crisis. Unable to deal with his obsession, his wife  kicked Tuck out. Forcing him to run his detective “Agency” out of a run down hooker hotel in the worst part of the bad part of town.

Tucker wants nothing more than to be a hero. even if he has to invent a lot of the wrongs that he rights. Tucker is an unreliable narrator and we can never be sure what’s fact and what’s fiction. He’s a modern Don Quixote... With a gun.

Mistress Friday

Mistress Friday is the masochist next door.

 She struck up a friendship with Tuck over a shared love of “Punishing Scumbags”

Friday would be the villain if she wasn't so buddy-buddy with the show’s protagonist.

She lives to inflict pain.

Until now her job as a Dominatrix filled that role. But more and more Friday finds she can’t match the thrill of going out with Tucker to bust heads, so she’s become his ersatz chauffeur and muscle.

Gaspar Isa

Gaspar Isa is the flamboyant owner and manager of the “Pink Martini Motel” a faded relic of the time when this neighborhood was the hippest, swingingest and gayest part of town. 

Gaspar serves as Tuck’s informant.

He’s an aging club kid and party mogul with his finger on the pulse of the underworld. Gaspar can get Tucker the info he needs to crack the case, as long as he’s willing to put up with Gaspars affectations and affections.


Tuck tracks a woman whose husband suspects is unfaithful.

Little does he realize she’s center stage at an “Eyes Wide Shut” style party where the guests wear animal masks and gather around to watch her use a giant litter box.

A job’s a job though, and the angry men dressed as animals don’t take it kindly when Tucker runs off with their entertainment.

Can Tuck Survive the case of:



A radio shock jock comes to Tucker for help.

For days now his distinctive voice has been on the airwaves confessing to a number of sick and twisted crimes. The DJ swears it’s not him, or rather he WOULD swear if he hadn't lost his voice 2 weeks ago, around the same time he pissed off that voodoo priestess.

Can Tucker crack the strange case of:



So it turns out that Tucker Manswell has the same name as a popular drag performer: “Tuck-Her Man-Swell”.  

He discovers this when the Drug Cartel she’s screwed out of millions kicks down his motel room door and tries to plant him in the marble orchard.

Now Tuck has to work WITH his drag queen doppelganger to clear both their names in the case of:



Several of Fridays usual clients commit suicide.

She enlists Tucker to help her find out what’s causing this drain on her income.

Soon enough they’re led to a Satanic red light district where a cursed peep show shows them more than T&A. It looks deep into their hearts and shows them who they really are!

Can Tucker and Friday possibly survive: